When Disalto was getting ready to go on the Warped Tour, Dana came to me to prepare for the strain of fronting so many performances. He made it through and the band returned to LA to record a full-length album: One Beacon In The Strand.

I love working with dancers. I was a modern dancer and I understand how to use the body in both ways. So when Casper, a dancer and choregrapher, was asked to do a vocal audition, I was ready to help. We recorded it with me at the piano and the rest is history!

Laura is an phenomenal music producer and violinist. When she was hired to do vocal effects and tour with Kanye, she came to me to learn more about the voice. Now she’s one of the best in her field!

When Idol alum, Dario, was ready to get back in the studio and record his fourth album, The Up Side Of Down, we quickly got him back in shape, album in the can, and off on tour. Now he has his own reality show and a new record deal. Boom!

After her Broadway debut in War Horse, Meghan had an audition for Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater, the Tony Award winning creators of Spring Awakening. So we worked up a few new selections and they cast her in a workshop of their show The Nightingale. Way to go!
Hanky Panky

What do you do when asked to be a vocal coach for a burlesque revue entitled: Hanky Panky? You say yes!
Lido Beach

As Lido Beach began to tour for their album, Fake Hellos, Real Goodbyes, frontman Scott came to me to keep his vocals rocking.

Jazz singer Dale Head came to me to prep for his performances with the Jazz Influence Orchestra lead by Ron Jones, who is best known as the composer for Family Guy and American Dad!.