Voice Teaching

I train all singers with a desire to achieve the ease, strength, and flexibility of a healthy singing voice.

My success as a teacher for the past 20 years is based on my extensive training and experience in contemporary and classical music styles plus a master’s degree in voice performance & pedagogy. But my greatest asset is my love of singing.

My students represent a wide variety of singers including rock, pop, and R&B recording artists; actors and dancers who sing; musical theater performers; jazz singers; classical and opera singers; fellow voice teachers; and anyone, like me, who loves to sing.

My students have signed with Warner Bros., Capitol, Cash Money, Universal, and Sony; starred on Broadway; appeared on American Idol, The Voice, and Q’Viva!; and have worked with artists such as Duncan Sheik, Kanye West, Gloria Estefan, and Jennifer Lopez.

My advice to all singers:

Don’t look for a quick fix. Training takes time. Years of bad habits are hard to break. Singing is a complicated physical, psychological, and athletic art. Always seek help from a trained voice teacher. We want you to succeed!

Ready to do some singing?