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“This Time”

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“Take A Look”

Yes! We made a video for “Take A Look.” Please enjoy this break-up song to complete your stages of grief.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded a copy of “Take A Look!” Still haven’t gotten a copy? You can fix that right now. Follow the links below.

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Snippets from the reviews:

Layne’s voice contains real confidence, as the rawness and realness of his vocals are easily heard throughout. By the coda, you’ll be sitting in your seat singing along. Your ears will be thanking you for the experience.

“Take A Look” is a solid electro-pop song that is incredibly well produced. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, lending a sense of empowerment to the listener. There are many different electronica sounds that go into the melody, but they are layered perfectly into an immaculate wall of sound. The result is simply outstanding.


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“Bridge For You To Burn”

“Your Eyes”


“Make You Love Me”

“The Recital”