A Cappella

Watch the first season of the music dramedy web series: ‘A Cappella.’

A disgraced, former A&R rep tries to rebuild his career after discovering a young, talented singer.



“Take A Look”

Watch the music video for Mike’s single: “Take A Look.”



Listen to previews of Mike’s recordings and purchase his music. “This Time” ...
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What people are saying about Mike:

“Michael is LA’s best kept secret.”

“Michael Layne, hands down the best voice coach I’ve had. Thank you for helping me to find the other colors in my voice.”

“Mike is an amazing vocal teacher. He’s helped me to understand that my voice is an instrument and that it should be taken care of as such.”

“My range has increased, as well as the control of my voice. I’m looking forward to my future vocal progression under Mike’s teaching. I can’t wait!”

“My results with Mike have so greatly exceeded my expectations that I find it difficult to articulate just how rare and gifted a voice teacher he is.”

“Mike is able to transform talent by using technique to steer his students toward their authentic selves — Mike has helped me find my voice.”

“His style of teaching is fun and easy to learn and gets immediate results! He really knows what he’s doing and truly knows how to teach one to sing.”

“Michael listened to my singing and was able to immediately identify and go to work on helping me to correct the things I was doing incorrectly!”

“My producer has noticed a 10 – 15% improvement in my singing/recording with each lesson. Bottom line – Michael delivers RESULTS!!!!”

“Mr. Layne simplified a complicated musical piece in a way that our nine-year old son could comprehend. Our son looks forward to every lesson he has with Mr. Layne because he makes learning fun.”

“Mike cured me, quite rapidly, of my bad vocal habits. Mike is a spectacular voice teacher. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

“Mike’s understanding nature and professional attitude has made me a loyal student.”